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Ø   Lower cost

 In upgradeno need to obsolete original devicescost only one third of  purchasing new DR system.

 In practical usagefilm, developer solution and fixing solution are not necessary. The only cost is electricity fees.


Ø  Operation time significantly reduced

   Old X-ray machine generally needs at least 5 hours from photographing to display due to processes of developing and fixing, etc. However, NAOMI captures digit image signals directly using the original X-ray projected to the detector through human body.Then digital image collection, processing, transition will be displayed on computor screen.The images could be directly used for diagnosis. It is only 6 seconds from photographing to display.

Ø  Image definition upgraded to 48,000,000 pixel


There would be periphery deformation using CCD camera. NAOMI uses 192 high sensitive CCD camera arranged in matrix pattern to produce 48,000,000 pixel image


FIG 1.Periphery transformation by CCD camera of old DR machine 



FIG 2. High sensitive camera


































Non-effective deformation area

Pixel capture area

Effective pixel


FIG 3. Advantageous spilt joint technology produced 48,000,000 pixel image and eliminates periphery deformation effectively.

   Film 96KV/6mAs                                      NAOMI 96KV/0.375mAs

FIG 4. Clinical Case

Ø  Sharply reduces maintenance cost

Normal DR applies amorphous selenium or single CCD. Once damaged, the whole develop board should be changed, which is extremely expensive. For NAOMI, only the CCD camera needs to be alternated if system damaged.


FIG 5. Only the CCD camera needs to be alternated

Ø  Handy software system

Professionals could easily operate the system after calibration. The only thing you do is to open the power, click ‘take photo’. In 6 seconds, clear image will be displayed.

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